Amsterdam March 06

On Friday March 10th Jayne & Mark ran off to Amsterdam again for the weekend. Jo & Sophie kindly agreed to look after the girls (again) and M&J caught a late flight out of Stanstead.

The hotel, The Greenhouse Effect was located on the edge of De Waletjes or the "Red Light District."

Entrance to the Hotel Bar

Entrance to Hotel Room
The entrance to the hotel room was pretty un-inspiring, but proved how wrong first impressions can be.
View of Hotel The hotel is the smallest building in the centre of this photo. Our room was the width of the building on the third floor.

View from Hotel window View from hotel window

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Weed van

The grasshopper

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The hotel was located adjacent to an excellent coffee shop / bar / night club / restrauant called the grasshopper! The food and atmosphere could not be beaten.

We could not resist a daily visit to our favourite spot. cafe de jaren is a great place to relax, drink excellent expresso and hot chocolate....and warm up.

It's snowing Here it comes....
Jayne in snow storm Get me out of here !

10 minutes later 10 minutes later...

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Kloveniers-burgwal, Red Light District.

Hand It's amazing what you find without looking..

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Bridge over river Amstel Bridge over River Amstel

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