Cape Cod 2004

Mark and Jayne flew out to Boston on the 2nd September to attend the wedding of an old friend, Sam Strevens and his financee, Victoria Bass. They were married on the beach at Dennis Port with a beautiful, if non-traditional ceremony. We were very lucky with the weather and the party ended with a beer or two on the beach in the usual Strevens way. A perfect day!

Map of Cape Cod & Boston
Sam & Jayne prior to the wedding Sam & Jayne

Victoria & Jayne prior to the wedding Jayne & Victoria
The wedding on the beach

The happy couple - just married The happy couple
Mark and Jayne on the beach Mark & Jayne on the Beach

The Dress The Dress
Jayne by Chatham Lighthouse Jayne by Chatham Lighthouse

Church spire in Chatham Chatham
Mark by Boston Harbour Mark by Boston Harbour

Mark & Jayne by convertable The hired charriot
Jayne by the pool Jayne by the pool at the Pelham Beach Resort - just before the wedding!

Sam and Victoria Strevens Sam and Victoria the morning after.....Check out the T-Shirts
Jayne at Woods Hole The Harbour at Woods Hole

Boston Boston city
The Prudential Centre
The Prudential Centre

Boston Boston......home of the Red SoxRed Sox Ball

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